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As we move through life, life’s stages, ages, and life events, we experience a Rebirth. Through this, we grow, we learn, and we gain wisdom. When we travel through adolescence, adulthood, maternity and childbirth, menopause, the end of life, between and beyond the binary of gender, or experience altered states of consciousness; these experiences are necessary for personal and spiritual growth, and in many cultures are embraced and celebrated.

At Rebirth Health Center, we embrace and hold space for these life experiences. We provide personalized, compassionate, and trauma-responsive healthcare to meet every patient’s needs. Located in the heart of Holladay, UT, our clinic operates and serves patients from diverse walks of life throughout Utah and beyond.

Rebirth Health Center is a progressive medical practice located in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a focus on Gynecology, Gender affirming hormone therapy, Menopausal syndrome, Sexual health, Mental health, and later in 2023 Ketamine therapy.

Rixt Luikenaar, MD, FACOG, and their staff stand for equality and diversity and treat each patient as a whole person. The team embraces and celebrates life experiences and provides personalized and compassionate healthcare to meet every patient’s needs, serving people of all diverse walks of life throughout Utah and beyond.

We manage many common health issues, including sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and HPV, and treat mental health conditions. We offer various options for contraception, perform in-office gynecological procedures, provide medical marijuana cards and Suboxone therapy, and PrEP HIV prophylaxis.

Rebirth Health Center also offers permanent hair removal with electrolysis. For compassionate healthcare from a team that values all folks, call the office today or request an appointment online.

The new WPATH GEI SOC8 Certified Member means that Dr. Luikenaar is up to date and certified/has attended the most rigorous training in transgender medicine, worldwide, since 2019. The Standards of Care 8 were introduced in 2022, and Dr. Luikenaar passed the examination to now become SOC8 Certified. Dr. Luikenaar recommends all healthcare professionals (including mental healthcare professionals, as well as surgeons/physicians and other healthcare providers) who want to incorporate transgender healthcare/medicine in their daily practice to become WPATH SOC8 Certified, as our patients deserve it.

Dr. Luikenaar

Rixt AC Luikenaar is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist physician who graduated Cum Laude from Medical School at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. She is a business owner and entrepreneur, MBA graduate from the Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah, Adjunct Faculty member at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Utah, co-author and co-editor of "Transgynecology," a textbook published by Cambridge University Press in 2023...

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Enhance the well-being of our community with focus on our LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and neurodiverse communities, through providing accessible, affordable, and inclusive health care.


Create a healthier community and offer a place where others feel cared for, understood, and feel they can belong.


Respect our patients and each other. Embrace the beliefs, needs, and expectations of our patients, our community, and ourselves. Treat all with fairness and dignity, tell the truth, take responsibility, and keep promises. Work together to create high-quality health care for all.

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Gift Cards Available

This card is good for many services we offer such as Electrolysis, workshops or other cosmetic or optional procedures. It can also be used towards medical visits or hormone therapy, blood work/lab testing, and hormone pellet insertions.

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Rebirth Health Center


I’ve always been treated kindly here, and Dr. Luikenaar is fantastic, as well as all of her staff. My only complaint would be that every time I get a text (like the one asking for feedback leading me to leave this review) they use my deadname. It’s uncomfortable and I feel it’s probably an easy fix. I’m thankful for everything Rebirth health center does!

- McKay H.

As a provider who focuses on transgender healthcare, Dr. Luikenaar and staff are very supportive and knowledgeable about transgender health and social issues. I feel like I'm getting the best healthcare and attention I could possibly get with them. I highly recommend this practice!

- Nicole P.

Dr.Luikenaar listened to what I said very caringly and gave me insightful information that could help me that I didn't know about. It's a joy meeting Dr.Luilenaar. Thank you for all you do.

- Demi V.




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