Jennifer Wilgues (pronouns She/Her)

Hair Removal Specialist

Our electrologist, Jenn went to electrolysis school so she could come work for us and help the transgender community. She loves her wife and kids and is a huge “The Cure” fan.

Dorina Zavala, Certified Medical Assistant (pronouns She/Her)

Dorina Zavala (she/her) joined Rebirth Health Center in May 2023. She is bilingual in Spanish and English.She has worked in healthcare for many years, as an interpreter for the Spanish-speaking community, and CNA, before she obtained her Medical Assistant Certification. She has 2 children and enjoys travelling and the outdoors.

Florence Behl, Certified Medical Assistant (pronouns She/Her)

Born in New York and then raised in Utah, Florence has been married for almost 37 years. She and her chef husband have 3 daughters in their early 30s and none of them currently reside in Utah. Florence has been working with Dr. Luikenaar since 2008 and LOVES her job. She also has a few family members who identify as LGBTQI. In her time away from work she enjoys watching her nephews play football and getting massages.

Cassandra Bia, Certified Medical Assistant (pronouns She/Her)

Cassandra Bia (she/her) is a Certified Medical Assistant, has been married for 32 years, is a mother of 6 adult kids, and is a grandmother of 6 beautiful grandchildren. She is bilingual in Navajo and English.
“When I was growing up my family, maternal and paternal families, have been part of the Native American Church (NAC). Although NAC was my religion I didn’t know the laws pertaining to Peyote. In 2011, I had the honor of becoming president of the Native American Church here in Salt Lake City for 5 years. As part of this organization we volunteer in our community, work with our youth in keeping traditions, and help people who are in need. We also uphold the laws and protect the Medicine “Peyote”, that we use in our prayers and services. I learned that our medicine was dwindling, due to the drought and how it was being harvested. And how people of non-native descent were using and abusing our medicine. In June 2015, we held the first-ever NAC conference away from the Reservation in the Wasatch Mountains. Because of this conference, the laws were changed and made way for other organizations to hold ceremonies and conferences off the reservations. Over 600 people from different tribes throughout the United States attended and participated in the held ceremonies. That same year I was chosen as Chair Woman of the “Parliament of World Religions” and was able to assist in organizing the next conference that would last 5 days. During this conference over 10,000 people came from all over the world. Our organization was able to bring awareness to the shortage of Peyote that was used in our ceremonies and brought in much-needed funds for the preservation of our medicine.
I have worked with Dr. Luikenaar and Rebirth Health Center for many years and have enjoyed and learned a lot from working with our patients and coworkers”.

Margaret Arzumann, Electrologist / Hair Removal Specialist (pronouns She/Her)

Bio Coming Soon!